Dunn Ward 6

Get Involved

In the 2017 election, Strathcona County had a voter turn out of 39%.  This appears to be a mandate for the elected officials to do as they please, without accountability to the residents of this county.  The current Council has clearly lost its way.  Everything that Council approves should be for the direct benefit of actual County residents, not potential residents who may move here someday, or developers who are not even part of the community.  I have asked many times what these benefits may be; I have yet to receive a straight answer, only trite slogans. During the past few years, the needs and desires of residents have not even been on the radar.   Some projects may be desirable albeit expensive; most are sheer folly – destructive, pointless, and absurdly costly.   This Council is spending your and your children’s future with no hope of a return on investment.

So please vote. Ask your friends and family to vote.  Ask tough questions.  Seek accountability.

Previous Election Results:  https://www.strathcona.ca/council-county/mayor-council/election/previous-elections/